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Why do you need a Virtual CFO?

A Virtual CFO looks beyond the numbers and sees possibilities. They are a strategic partner, and they plan ahead to prepare your business for complete financial optimization, including tax preparation, goal setting, and preparing for funding discussions.

Why Crescendo?

Crescendo Accounting and Consulting brings you Peace of Mind. We help our clients become financially well organized to achieve their personal and business goals. Elevate your business strategy by combining key metrics and our expertise. Get started charting your path to success today with Crescendo Accounting and Consulting.

Who You Are

Your Success is our Goal

Innovators and entrepreneurs have a unique set of needs, especially when it comes to financing, funding, and scaling up their businesses.

As a business owner, you are passionate about your business. You understand the value of expert advice, you seek it out, and take action.

Who We Are

Crescendo Accounting and Consulting is a non-traditional accounting consultancy based in Calgary, serving our clients with a focus on technology, SaaS, not-for-profit, and retail industries.

Crescendo provides forward-thinking digital adoption and strategic advice to businesses, delivering full-spectrum service based around business goals, strategic digital systems implementation, and key metrics. This data-centric culture of business provides business owners with relevant and timely information that supports them in making more confident decisions.

We believe in doing things differently – in looking to innovation, technology, and proven digital solutions to simplify and demystify the financial aspects of growing a business.  

We know that when clients have access to information they can understand and rely on, they are able to make better decisions. 

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